Dog Walking Thoughts

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Dog Walking Thoughts

There is something about walking my dog, Eddy, that makes my mind wander farther than both my legs and his paws combined. My walking time sparks new thoughts or hashes out old ideas about anything and everything.

If both my caffeine intake, and enthusiasm about an idea are at an optimal combined level, I usually race home and text my good friend and fellow schemer with the latest “DW” Idea. Her go to reply: “Good morning Eddy, I’m still sleeping.”

So I thought I would share a few random thoughts conjured up walking around the block.

Funny thing is, Eddy doesn’t even like going for walks!

Elevator Speed Dating

Working hubs, skyscrapers and corporate towers are teeming with people day in and day out; and likely employed people at that; an attractive quality to

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Dog Walking Whimsy

Current, past or wanna be dog owners may understand. For the rest of you, think of your mental meditation place. Now throw in a few

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