Guided Journals to Unleash the New YOU!

Behind the Books

After her planned and idealistic life became derailed Sally thought it was time to make good on that old adage – “everything happens for a reason.” She decided to take the opportunity to follow her passion of sharing unsolicited thoughts, to well, anyone who would listen.

While taking the time for introspective development on life, happiness and relationships, Sally noticed she was not alone; umm, REALLY not alone. Meeting other women dealing with life altering moments, (the lemons or even the good kind) made her want to share the power of perspective. She wanted to use her personal research and insights, fictional degree in sarcasm, and knowledge that women appreciate SUPPORT and VALIDATION, to provide just that.

One of her tools to staying sane was unlocking the power of the written word. Therapists and friends have to go to bed at some point, even when you cannot sleep for days. Writing about her mindset and thoughts became her outlet to help manage states of mind like denial, anger, sadness and acceptance; what she has termed the posse of emotions felt during life doubts, and during the loss of the former YOU.

After discussion amongst friends, contemplating creating support groups and just pure acts of random, The YOU After…WE was born – a guided journal for dealing with a break-up. The first of a series of books for women as they traverse through life, and all the moments it can deliver along the way.

The YOU After…on a mission to create a guided support tool that enables you to:
– write for expression
– read for perspective and
– remind you to keep laughing along the way

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