2020 – The Year of Clarity (clearly)

You know when people look at their watch and say where did the time go? Well I am that person, looking at a calendar saying where did the year go, along with a few curse words for good measure. I can’t believe I amhere, trying to wrap up the year and get ready for a new one to begin.

And with a new year, comes a new theme. This concept came into light a few years ago; a theme to guide the months ahead was a nice way to reset myself over the course of the year. Last year my friend bestowed 2019 as the year of riches. Seeing that I am typing this in my new west coast estate overlooking the mountains, it has indeed been a rich year….nah, the same home, the same kitchen counter, and the same, albeit stained teacup.  But I must say, as I reflect on the past year, I have gained many riches indeed.

I tenderly entered a new role within a start up company. It is in a new vertical that has reignited my past identity I suppose, and provides a type of comfort turn confidence I unknowingly longed for. I am privileged to work with fabulous people, you know the good kind, down to earth, appreciative and supportive (truly priceless). I tackled the biggest home reno yet and survived (but maybe still coughing up dust!). My writing time decreased exponentially as my analytical mind engaged more and more. I guess my fanciful creative side was overshadowed. But I think I provided more one-on-one support therapy with people who may have needed it– lots of words, laughs and hope- that is my jam in any shape or form.  

I learned to let go and lived to tell the tale. I became more self-aware and understood the value of purpose and growth over dollars, cents and social norm. A lot changed, while a whole lot didn’t and I feel some areas fell short. But that is why we reflect, to learn.  And ironically the year of riches was far from lucrative in the beginning but started to transform in December. Really theme year – you had to wait the 12 months? But patience was another valuable gift to unwrap.

So, with the year of riches behind me, a new year awaits. 2020 was themed half jokingly to a friend weeks ago; 2020 is the year of clarity of course, a play on 2020 vision we have all seen. But I soon realized a year with clarity in mind was not a bad idea. My friend thought that could be tough, as being clear is facing truths which we may not want to admit. This may not be as refreshing as I thought!

Most of us have goals, but being clear on how to get there is really taking action. Man, I thought my year of uncomfortable was tough! Clarity = accountability = suck it up buttercup.

It is the start of a new decade, so a good time to come out of the gate strong and focused. Time to clean my reading glasses and get to work. Ironically, I am still in denial about needing those glasses, reading a menu with arm fully stretched out is sexy, right? Okay, at least I know the very first place to start on my quest for clarity in 2020!   


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