To Those Who Like to Journal (I salute YOU!)

Oddly enough, the gal who publishes writing journals is going to suggest that writing is a good thing. Clearly it is just a coincidence. Truthfully I am just telling you what works for me, but I am not alone.  Writing out your emotions is backed by researched, endorsed by therapists, doctors, motivators and everyday folk around the globe. It is seen as a key tool in introspective development – i.e. picking through some of the yuck inside your head.

When life hands you big changes induced by relationships, kids, finances, or well being, it is natural for our mind to race. We have images of the good or bad of the past, how we feel in the moment, and the dreaded unknown of dare I say it, the future. So why not try to organize these thoughts, to provide some clarity and focus to all the emotions building up?

Something happens when you write out the mumble jumble over whelming you. Sometimes the emotional hype of each thought can look smaller when it’s written. Why? Handwriting size aside, it is because those emotions are but a moment.  When you go back and read it, you may have, let’s say it slowly, a different perspective. The power of perspective is unyielding, more so if it is your own perspective at a different moment and time in your life. Experience is a beautiful thing, so a documented reminder of moments along your journey, is a future gift to yourself. Come on YOU, keep the presents coming!

Generally there can be a feeling of accomplishment when you organize anything – think of making lists, filing receipts or organizing that overflowing front shoe closet. I know some of you “Type A”, borderline OCD compardres reading this, actually smiled at the thought 🙂 Well now think about organizing your feelings – your worries, fears, resentments, highs and hope. By expressing yourself freely, without judgement through pen and paper, you may find your mind less cluttered and open to new thoughts. Writing is another tool in your healing toolkit to find some comfort when you need it, and perhaps, when everyone else is sound asleep.

I hope this inspires a few people to take pen to paper. And for those who already journal/write in one way or another I do say….write on YOU, write on!

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