2019 – The Year of Riches

NEW. That is the three-letter adjective that defines an introduction; something different, fresh, and undiscovered.  Man that is a lot of pressure for such a little word!

Here we are starting another a NEW Year, full of introduction, something different, okay, just see above. And here I am ready to confirm my theme for the year.

It dawned on me a couple of years ago, that my love of themes should not stop at parties. A theme really is a stake in the ground that provides a framework. So I started labelling my year in hopes of using it as a guideline, ruler or manifest. When in doubt, I could think of my theme and use it as a reminder of my why, how, or honestly WTF? 2017 was my year of random and 2018, well, that was my year of uncomfortable.

Yep, the year of uncomfortable; self-torture right?

It was the year I wanted to grow, and you don’t do that by staying all comfy cozy in fuzzy slippers now do you?  It was my year to get out there, share my words, my passion for journaling, and remove the self-doubt and worry of what others thought…all this rendering myself vulnerable. Oh that V-word to me is the very definition of uncomfortable.

As I reflect, I think of my successes big and small, and how they came from pushing beyond my comfort zone. I published another journal, I started to dabble in social media more, I developed a website (yeah, no hiding now). There were book signings, women’s show, speaking and most rewarding of all, acknowledgment that I was resonating with other women.

I said yes, when I was in full doubting mode. I said yes when all I wanted to do was hide. I said yes, when I had no idea how I would fulfill the commitment. I said yes, when I felt too busy to take on something else. But all those things, big and small were the way I found growth in the past year, in all aspects of my life.  I even decided to get back on the dating scene. I hung on to that uncomfortable theme for dear life as I pushed myself to, like peace, give men a chance 😉 That scene is a theme all its own! But I digress…

Now I find myself juggling between opportunities, maybe I said yes too many times? I know that each opportunity within my creative projects, personal interests and historical vocation, is part of my journey to get me to the next step. Being uncomfortable has made me more confident and engaged in my true self again. Being uncomfortable was the challenge I needed to get the experience of conquering again. You see, uncomfortable gives you a new experience…and as a wise girl said, experience is a beautiful thing. (The YOU After…WE (p.140 ) 🙂

What’s in store for 2019? Truth be told, my future year was ‘defined’ in late fall by my dear mentor, friend, schemer, and one of the coolest ladies I know. It may have been over sushi and sipping sake, when I mentioned my goings on; and that it was my year of uncomfortable so I had a continuing need to push. She laughed. “Oh right, the year thing. Why would you give yourself such a trying mantra for an entire year girl?! That’s it, all future themes need to be run by me from now on. Ease up on yourself, and relish. I hear by declare your theme of 2019 shall be…..the year of riches. “

Hmm, as a hard core business strategist, I knew damn straight that was a literal translation. She wanted me to get all the things I wanted in life from a financial point of view. Ironically, I am the girl who really thinks money doesn’t bring out the best. It really is the root of much evil in the world, and greed is not becoming in the least. (But hey, don’t get me wrong, I still like my good wine too!) For me riches mean much, much more. Okay, I agreed. Let it be declared, 2019 shall be my year of riches.

Rich as in valuable returns; returns from work, family, and personal life. The year I focus on thoughts and action which provide a positive impact. Such as pursuing work of interest, following my passion of writing words of questionable wisdom, more quality time with my kids (not just the logistical time), reading, finding the gym that I’m sure must have moved last fall; all things that give back to me, in turn enriching my life, making me rich in their own currency.

The idea of riches is based on choosing wisely. It is asking yourself does this add value to your life. Ugh, I see fewer potato chips in my future. But I see more quality time with people that inspire me. I see more nights out with my favourite 2 girls. I see professional development and adding value to a growing business. I see spreading the word of read, write and laugh to anyone who will listen. Damn, that is rich.

Making decisions with a holistic positive goal in mind has some merit. Keeping you honest to yourself; not such a bad goal for the NEW year. A year of starts and undiscovered, all within the out of bounds line YOU create. What will be your theme for the next 365 days?

For me, I say listen up 2019, while my year was not technically defined by me I think I am ready.

Bring on the gold.

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