Students of Divorced Parents Education Grant (SDPEG)

Divorce takes a toll…literally.  Generally, a once united income, financed a once united team. When that team splits up, mathematically divorce creates an income division line. That denominator is clearly dependent on at least a thousand factors, alright, maybe less. But the point is, generally, dollar funds available to the same group of people, are lower post-divorce. Period.

Outside this equation, let us not forget in order to calculate, agree, and formalize divorce and all its collateral, you need a lawyer. An additional cost…and sometimes a very large one at that! Lawyer’s fees, crossed with the average length of time to settle, can equate to one helluva sum.  With that in mind, I got to thinking of the children of divorced families. “Think of the children” people, think of the children!

Hmmm…enter my very sound, uncomplicated, non-protestable…yeah, a totally non-researched, whimsical solution to provide financial aid to the children of divorce.

All the tax collected by family lawyers for divorce settlements involving children, should be pooled by the government. These tax funds should be held and distributed to the children of divorce appropriately. This should be part of a school grant program for their post-secondary education needs. RESP meets SDPEG. That’s right, I am proposing a Students of Divorced Parents Education Grant.

Get me a soapbox to stand on, as I declare, the taxes generated by the families already going through a life changing event, should  be fed back to them. Non partisan way of thinking if you ask me. (Somehow, I feel I will need more room on that soapbox for the advocates of  other “life changing events”;)

Come on, saving for a potential divorce is rather dark, so the money had to come from somewhere? Well, here is away to help with this unforeseen life butt kicking moment called divorce. And we can preempt those awkward living room conversations across the nation…”Well, thanks to Mommy and Daddy’s divorce, Johnny, your education savings account is no longer. “

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