Elevator Speed Dating

Working hubs, skyscrapers and corporate towers are teeming with people day in and day out; and likely employed people at that; an attractive quality to say the least. One must think, given the law of averages that some of these people are single. Wouldn’t it be fun to assign an elevator or two in these populated buildings, to singles only?

An elevator is a perfect environment to quickly assess, throw out a speedy intro, and if said assessment is approved, hand over contact information. All conducted within a minute. The positive aspect being, you hand over your deets just before you leave and the elevator doors close behind you. End scene.

No time for awkward apologies, or eye rolls. A simple vet, based on real live looks and projected energy. Say what?! No filtered, distorted or historical pictures to sift on screens. What is this face to face interaction I speak of?

Well, at the very least you may get a new business lead and change the no elevator talking stigma, society has bestowed upon on us. Oh, and hitting all the elevator floor buttons to prolong the ride and interaction, has equal chances of reading as stalking as it does flattery. Use your ride wisely;)

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