The 'Baby and Me' Movement

Note that I am not judging here, because you know darn well I have been there done that with my once wee ones; and for the most part we enjoyed the interaction, but I just had a thought...

Ever wonder what our lady ancestors would say if they walked into one of those baby and me gym classes. After reveling in the fact that the corset is no longer a fashion staple, they may have trouble comprehending the activity at hand. A group of capable panted women holding a colourful round cloth, with either their babies on or potentially ballooned underneath it. This my dear, is evolution.

Clearly, times have changed.  Let's not even get into digital gadgets or bouncy/ vibrating all shaped baby holders. Classes like these are scheduled, structured, researched fun. Stimulated social interaction is our modern version of "it takes a village to raise a baby";so the format is a bit different. I mean, it's not like we actually pay for this...oh wait.

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